PRP Procedure

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PRP  (Platelet Rich Plasma)  Procedure
1. Draw blood from the patient, using blood holder and butterfly needle, and fill the PRP tube with whole blood.

2. Up and down the PRP tubes 3 times, to make the blood with anticoagulant.

3. Place the PRP tube into centrifuge. Always ensure the centrifuge is correctly balanced before start. Please centrifuge at 1800 (RCF) for 10 minutes.

4. After centrifugation, the RBC and most of WBC will be below the plug of gel.

Gently in vert the PRP tube several times to re-suspend the platelets in the plasma.

5. Mixing the plasma supernatant and Platelet Rich Plasma for 5 times.

6. Put 18G spinal needle on syringe and inject into centrifuged PRP tube to extract platelet rich plasma.


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