What are Petri dish and it used for?

April 26,2023

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The Petri dish, also called the Petri plate or the cell-culture dish was invented in 1887 by the German bacteriologist Julius Richard Petri. He was the assistant of the most renowned bacteriologist Robert Koch. Before the invention of the Petri dish, microorganisms were cultured in glass jars, liquor bottles, and test tubes.

Petri dish provides a broader surface area for growing the organism than tubes and bottles.

A Petri dish is essential laboratory equipment for the growth of microorganisms in the artificial solid culture media. A Petri dish consists of two parts: the smaller one is a container, and the larger is a lid. The larger dish fits over, the smaller dish and forms a cap. The commonly used Petri dish in a laboratory has a diameter of 90 mm.

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