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Altef gas sampling bags

A plastic sample bags are an essential part of a breath sampling device. The sample container chosen depends on the application, but it must be impermeable and robust for storage.

Tedlar bags are the most often used and are an excellent choice for most breath samples. However, due to the diffusion of contaminants from the bag walls, they can bleed background substances.

Sampling Bags

In a wide range of applications, reliable analytical methodologies are needed to assess the quality of biogas or biomethane. This requires sampling and subsequent transfer to the laboratory.

Sampling bags or on sorbent tubes are two common methods for collecting biogas samples. However, short-term storage stability is a concern when using either of these techniques, and when sampling onto an adsorbent, the flow rate needs to be stable during the sample transfer.

To overcome these limitations, we designed a novel gas sampling system that uses industry-standard polypropylene fittings to combine the valve and septum into one convenient fitting. The device uses a syringe port with a replaceable septum to allow for easy connection and handling.

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