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Are whirl pak bags sterile

Every Whirl-Pak bag has PUNCTURE PROOF TABS, which means that the tape on the tab extends past the ends of the wire to cover the sharp points that could pierce them or graze the user's hands or gloves.

These sterile bags are ideal for sampling things like milk, water, soil, and specimens. They are affordable, simple to use, leakproof, pliable, and take up very little storage space for lab sample bags.

Sample Bags

Whirl pak bags can be used at any temperature, including liquid nitrogen in nasco Vegas sample bags, and are sterile. After being manufactured, they are sterilized, making them bacteria-free and safe for use.

They have a white, write-on strip that makes it simpler and more practical to identify samples. It resists smearing for better quality identification and is simple to write on with a regular ballpoint pen, pencil, or felt-tip marker.

Additionally, these Whirl-Pak bags have a puncture-proof tab that protrudes past the ends of the aluminum wire and shields sharp points from the bag or gloves. In comparison to other sampling bags, Whirl-product Pak's feature makes handling samples safer and simpler.

They also have fill lines that enable technicians to gather the appropriate amount of water, markings for 100 ml and 300 ml measurements, and other features. Since they stand on their own, no rack or holder is required to keep them upright, which reduces the need for disposal and saves technicians' time and money by preventing the need to replace samples.

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