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Gas sample bag with clip valve

The gas sample bags are often used in whole-air sampling applications. However, the performance of these devices depends on the material of the bag.

When a gaseous compound is put in a gas sample bag, the target compounds' concentrations go down because the polymeric film absorbs them or lets them move through it. 

Clip Valve

The restek gas sampling bags with a clip valve are used in a variety of industrial and laboratory applications. They are cheap to use and can measure the concentration of a wide range of gases accurately.

Using these bags allows one to collect gas sample points anywhere in the field without having to use expensive, real-time gas analysis equipment. This makes determining the presence of a hazard or pollution problem simple and inexpensive.

A gas sample bag with a clip valve also eliminates the need for septum-affixed bags, which can be worn out by repeated penetration with a syringe barrel.

These valves are available with a closing cap or with a stopcock-septum that connects directly to the base via a rotating locking nut (Figure). They allow for direct syringe injection and withdrawal of samples without the dead space effects caused by the unnecessary syringe barrel.

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