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Nasco sampling bags

These sterile, polyethylene laboratory sample bags are available with or without a write-on strip. They are FDA-approved for food contact.

These 69-ounce Whirl-Pak® lab sampling bags feature patented puncture-proof closure tabs for worry-free collection and closing. Just tear off the top, pull the tabs to open, place or pour the sample in the bag, whirl it shut, and fold the wire ends onto the bag.

Whirl-Pak(r) Polyethylene Sample Bags

Whirl-Pak(r) polyethylene sample bags are sterile, inexpensive, and appropriate for liquid, semisolid, or solid samples. These 2.25-mil bags provide spill-free, reusable sample transport for general laboratory testing.

Puncture-proof tabs extend past the wire ends to eliminate sharp points that may puncture bags, scratch a person's hands or gloves, or cause damage to skin or products. To ensure safe and effective sampling, all Whirl-Pak(r) sample bags use this patented process.

These Vegas sample bags seal tightly to hold solids and liquids. Simply whirl the tabs three times and bend them over to lock the bag shut. The use of tape and double wireframes on both sides of the top creates a positive, moisture- and air-tight seal. 

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