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Polythene sample bags

Polythene bags are a cheap, practical, and efficient way to transport, package, and store samples. These are extensively used in numerous industries for gas sampling bags.

They come in a range of sizes, can be sealed, and have a number of sterility-ensuring features. Additionally, they are transparent and water-resistant.

Whirl-Paku00ae Sample Bags

Liquid or semi-solid samples can be held in 2.25 mil thick Whirl-Paku00ae polythene sample bags with a leakproof seal. They can be found with or without write-on labels and are sterilized with EtOH gas.

These inexpensive, simple-to-use, 500-count transparent polythene samples with biohazard sample bags are available in a box. They can safely sample any solid or liquid, including milk, water, soil, etc.

They work well for testing environmental samples like biological, rock, and soil samples. They are made with FDA-approved materials, are sterile, and strong.

They are safer than other laboratory sample bags because of a special puncture-proof tab and tape that extends past the wire ends to remove sharp points that could puncture the bag or scratch gloves. Additionally, they have a white write-on strip that prevents ink smearing and accepts a standard ballpoint pen, pencil, or felt tip marker. They are perfect for both identifying the contents of samples and securely holding them until the lab technician is prepared to process them.

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