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Sample ziplock bags

We have a broad range of small ziplock sample bags to meet the needs of any lab. Choose from sterile sample bags, microbiology, and cell culture series, and sample processing series.

"Puncture-proof tabs" are standard on all Whirl-Pak(r) bags. This patented process extends the tape on the tab past the aluminum wire ends, eliminating sharp points that could puncture the bag or scratch gloves.

Liquid Handling and Storage

When you are traveling, it is a good idea to take your liquids in a sample ziplock bags. These are airtight and can be used to store a variety of items that can spoil quickly in the air.

You can also store food in these bags, and it will stay fresh for a long time. However, you should be sure to use high-quality bags and avoid using cheap ones.

In many manufacturing processes, liquid chemicals such as acids, solvents, bases, photoresists, CMP slurries, dopants, inorganic, organic, and biological solutions, pharmaceuticals, and radioactive chemicals need to be stored and delivered at specific times.

Fortunately, systems for storing and dispensing these liquids can be designed to allow the proper container to be selected at a specified time. These can be a big improvement over the current ways of storing and giving out liquid chemicals, which often require changing the chemical at different stages of the process. 

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Biological Reagents

When working with biological reagents, you need to understand the potential risks and be sure to follow appropriate safety procedures. This means not getting sick from pathogens in the air, touching blood or fluids as little as possible, and using the right gloves and eye protection.

Ensure that samples are packaged appropriately and in watertight containers with absorbent materials to prevent accidental contamination. Various approved biohazard sample bags, vacutainer tubes, and urine cups are available that meet these requirements.

Medicago's SmartBuffers offer water-soluble reagents for molecular biology applications that are ambient temperature stable, easy to use, and meet a wide range of criteria, including precise pH, minimal salt effects, freedom from DNA or RNAse activity, and freedom from enzymatic and hydrolytic activity. These reagents are also suitable for single-use applications.


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