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Sampling bag sterile

These sterile sample bags are great for taking samples from the environment, from the surface, from the body, for quality assurance (QA/QC) procedures, for the food industry, and for clinical and veterinary medicine.

Each bag has a tear strip and two grip tabs to easily open the mouth for a sample introduction. After adding a sample, fold or flip over the wire tape three times and bend the tabs over to lock shut to create an air- and moisture-tight seal.

Sterile Bags

The sterile sampling bags are autoclavable high-temperature bags made of heavy-gauge polypropylene that resists punctures and autoclaving at temperatures as high as 136 u00b0C (250 u00b0F). They contain up to 5 mL of sample and feature an extra-thick glass insert or plastic outside vial.

These sampling bags are ideal for field or laboratory use as they slip over cans, drums, and other bulk containers to blanket them with inert gas. Unlike glove boxes, these are inexpensive and allow you to a totally isolated environment.

The reusable bags are also easy to sterilize in the microwave. Simply slide the slider open an inch to vent the bag and place it on a "microwave-safe" dish.

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