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Soil sampling plastic bags

The plastic soil sample bags is inexpensive and provides a convenient way to collect soil samples. These samples can be analyzed for soil nutrient concentrations.

Soil nutrient levels can vary greatly in a small area. By taking sub-samples from multiple management areas, you can capture this variability and make sure that your results are a true representation of the field.


Sampling soil requires clean equipment. Stainless steel probes or augers are the best because they collect a continuous core through the entire depth of soil with a minimum of disturbance.

In rocky soils, a shovel or spade can work satisfactorily. Alternatively, you can use a power drill with an auger.

Collect 15 to 20 cores from the indicator trees in each plot. Then, mix them in a plastic bucket or jar to create a composite sample.

When you're finished sampling, mark your ZipLoc (tm) soil sampling plastic bags or glass containers with the date and location of each sample. Also, include a copy of the inventory sheet that identifies each sample.

Soil samples should be properly dried before being sent to the lab. To dry samples, spread them out on paper and give them time to air dry naturally at room temperature.

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