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Specimen collection bag

Any laboratory specimen collection process must include specimen collection bag. They come in a variety of sizes, volumes, and materials and are created to meet your needs.

An accurate sample collection is essential for prompt diagnosis and testing. Inadequate sampling may lead to contaminated samples and delayed results.


A patient's urine sample is taken and placed in a sterile specimen collection bag. It can be used for screening urinalysis, bacterial culture, or other laboratory tests. This sample is a type of "clean-catch" urine culture.

Proper hand washing and peri-care supplies are necessary for collecting a sterile specimen in gas sampling bags. Along with non-sterile gloves, a 30u201360 mL Luer-lock syringe for sterile specimen, alcohol wipes/scrub hubs, two preprinted patient labels, a clear biohazard bag for lab samples, a urinary graduated cylinder, and a 10-mL syringe, this kit is also supplied.

Tell the patient why this procedure is being done. Inform them that approximately half of their urine needs to be voided and the remaining urine will be collected in a sterile specimen container.

Tell the patient to thoroughly wash their hands with soap and warm water before and after this procedure. Reiterate how less likely it is that bacteria will be transferred to the syringe thanks to this process.

After gathering the urine, set the syringe on the sterile cloth and securely screw on the lid. Use disinfectant wipes to clean the container and the syringe.

Continue doing this until the syringe contains about a quarter cup of urine. Replace the syringe with the sterile container and cover it when there is more urine than 1/4 cup. Your child's full legal name, birthdate, or medical record number should be written on the container's label.

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