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Sterile homogenizer blender bags

The sterile sampling bags are used in a wide variety of applications for sampling and blending in the laboratory. They are easy to handle, sterilized, and cost less than beakers and bottles.

When closed, these sterile, single-use bags are made of heavy, transparent polyethylene marked in fluid-ounce increments, and the tab is folded over three times. Capacity should not be exceeded at temperatures above 180 °F (82 °C).

Sampling Bags

sampling bag sterile is used in several applications, including laboratory tests, clinical diagnostics, and the food industry. They are used to move and store samples so that they don't get contaminated by microorganisms or pathogens that might have gotten into the sample while it was being collected, moved, or stored.

Sterile sampling bags can be found in various forms and sizes. Some are designed to be sterile, RNase-free, DNase-free, and non-pyrogenic and meet FDA and USDA standards for purity.

These bags feature a filter layer of finely perforated polyethylene that filters out solids in the sample during homogenizer blending. They can't be punctured and have a sterile seal that makes it easy to use a pipette, pour, label, or move the sample to another container.

These bags are manufactured from high-quality polyethylene that is sterile, food-grade and meets all USDA, EPA, and FDA standards. They are ideal for both liquid and solid samples. They are available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit most laboratory needs.

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