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Sterile sample bags

During food production and handling, samples of food matter are collected and transported to a laboratory for microbial testing. Samples of work surfaces, packaging materials and other components are also tested to ensure they contain no harmful microorganisms or chemicals. Sterile sampling bags are made of virgin polyethylene for clarity and strength and meet USDA, EPA and FDA use standards. They are gamma sterilised, sterile, RNase-free, DNase-free and non-pryogenic.

Liquid Handling and Storage

It's important to follow strict safety rules when dealing with liquids. Liquids that can catch fire or burn, like gasoline, diesel fuel, thinners, solvents, paints, and polishes, can be very dangerous to people. Fluids are often stored and moved between labs in sterile gas sampling bags. The tear strip and grip tabs on the outside of these bags make them easy to pick up. To get the sample, just pull off the tear strip, pull on the two grip tabs on the outside of the bag to open the mouth, put the sample in, flip or fold the bag three times, and bend the wires to keep the sample in the bag and keep out air and moisture. Fluid bags are made of polyethylene that has never been used before, so they are very clear and strong. They meet the standards of the USDA, EPA, and FDA. The puncture-proof tab on the bag has a PVC tab that goes past the wire ends. This keeps the wire ends from scratching your hands or ripping your gloves if they are exposed. The bags are cleaned with ethylene oxide gas and shipped in a sealed box. Lot numbers on each box make it easy to find official proof of sterility.

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