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Tedlar bag sampling pump

The tedlar bag sampling manufacturers have developed a wide range of polymer bags with different thicknesses and valve systems. These can be used for all kinds of liquids, air, and gases.

The background emission of pollutants in the polymer film is one of the most important factors affecting the suitability of the sampling bag. Tedlar bags seem to be the best choice when aiming at VOCs at low ppb levels.

Liquid handling and storage

Liquid chemicals are used in a variety of manufacturing processes. These chemicals can include acids, solvents, bases, photoresists, CMP slurries, dopants, inorganic, organic, and biological solutions, pharmaceuticals, and radioactive chemicals.

Storage and dispensing systems are arranged to deliver liquid chemicals to the relevant manufacturing process at a specified time. However, if the liquid chemical being installed in the system is not appropriate for the particular process, personnel may be put at risk, and equipment and articles under manufacture may be damaged or rendered useless.

To avoid problems with the use of the liquid chemical in the storage and dispensing system, an RFID tag is operatively associated with the container holding the liquid to be processed, thereby tracking which liquid is in the container. The information is then transmitted from the RFID tag to a microprocessor-based controller, which in turn controls the processing of the liquid in the container based on the received information. Another type of product on the market is the tedlar bag sampling pump.

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