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Tedlar bags for gas sampling

A gas sampling bags are a particular kind of bag that aids in gathering, transporting, and long-term storage of the sample. The energy sector, power plants, environmental research centers, and educational institutions all frequently use this sampling bag.

The sample bags are constructed from PFV or Tedlar film, a high-temperature resistant polymer. It has qualities like chemical inertness, resistance to abrasion and corrosion, high tensile strength, low permeability, and absorption.


Testing the levels of emissions from stationary sources, indoor air, and ambient air requires the use of gas sampling. A wide range of bag types, from small single valve bags to large multiple use Tedlar(r) bags, can be used for this process.

Sample bags should ideally be used in conjunction with a tried-and-true sampling technique with gas sampling bag. When collecting gas samples, these methods specify the minimum and maximum volumes as well as the specific flow rates that must be used.

For VOC, breath, landfill, odour, and automotive emission testing, our tedlar bags are frequently used. They guarantee sample integrity and are incredibly strong and long-lasting.

These bags are also abrasion-resistant and chemically inert. They have heat sealed, leak-proof seams and come in a variety of sizes. Depending on the application, they can also come with grommets and valve fittings.

Why choose Vegas Biotech Tedlar bags for gas sampling?

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