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Tedlar gas sampling bags

Gas sampling Tedlar bags or tedlar bag sampling pump are primarily used in flue gas analysis for hot stacks and industrial chimneys. They are highly resistant to heat and provide excellent sample integrity. These bags are economical and good for general purpose sample collection. They have low VOC background, and long stability for some (but not all) hydrocarbons and some sulfur compounds.

Liquid handling and storage

Tedlar gas sample bag with clip valve are used to test the gases in flues and stacks. It has many benefits, such as being flexible and resistant to heat. It can withstand temperatures from 98 to 225 degrees Fahrenheit and doesn't react with a lot of different compounds. These bags are cheap and can be used for many things, like taking samples of ambient air, stack gas, and vent/flue. Most US EPA methods recommend them, and they are stable for hydrocarbons, CO, and methane. They can also keep hydrogen sulfide, carbonyl sulfide, and mercaptans stable for 48 hours. But they don't stand up well to most VOCs and sulfur compounds. Our Tedlar gas sampling bags come with either a push/pull lock valve or a screw cap valve with a Thermogreen LB-2 septa built into it. Bags with plastic attachments can also be used to gather hydrogen sulfide and reduced sulfur compounds.

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