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Tedlar sampling bags

In any tedlar sampling bags technique, picking the appropriate bag is a crucial step. The material of the bag must be suitable for the gas being sampled.

The incorrect material may produce a false sample and compromise the accuracy of the laboratory analysis. The traditional option for grab samples of VOCs is SKC tedlar bags.

Sampling bag

Gas samples are collected in sampling bags and then transferred to a sampling pump or another testing device. This method of sample collection makes it simple and affordable to obtain a variety of gases from remote locations.

The sample bag is made of a chemically inert, tensile-strengthened high-temperature resistant polymer film. This substance, Tedlar (a DuPont trademark), is perfect for gas sampling applications in industrial chimneys or stacks where the flue gases are heated to a high temperature.

It's crucial to adhere to a reliable sampling technique that has been delineated by organizations like NIOSH or EPA in order to ensure that the bag is used correctly. The acceptable flow rates, minimum and maximum sample volumes, and the appropriate capture media for the application will all be specified by this method.

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