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Water sampling bags

Water sampling bags are a smart tool for efficient water collection. Each bag contains a 25-mg tablet of active sodium thiosulfate, which will neutralize chlorine in the water sample at the time of collection.

These sterile bags stand up on their own, making them easier to handle than traditional glass bottles or vials. They are also unbreakable, cost less, and save space in your lab.

Liquid Handling and Storage

The water sampling bags are a simple and safe way to collect water samples. They come in a variety of sizes and styles and are easy to use and carry around.

They are made from a polyethylene tube extrusion process, which ensures internal sterility and long shelf life. They can be filled with powdered samples and liquids, and they have a self-closing wire closure that makes them airtight and moisture-sealed.

To fill the sample bag, remove the top strip along the perforation, pull on the two external grip tabs, and open the mouth of the sample bag to the desired level. Fold or flip the bag three times and bend the wire ends, which will secure your sample in a tight, airtight, and moisture-sealed bag.

A common feature of many sample bags is an electrically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM) on the cap that enables the system to store the liquid identification information in the container. This prevents the accidental dispensing of an incorrect liquid and also allows the system to maintain a database of the liquids used in the process.

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