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Whirl pak bags sterile

Sterile sample bags are a common, reliable, and safe way to collect and transport samples for analysis. These nasco whirl pak sample bags do not contain enzymes that can degrade molecule samples such as DNA.

These 2.25-millimeter polyethylene sample bags are strong, sterile, and leakproof. They are also ideal for emergency water collection, treatment, and storage.

Speci-Sponge Bag

Environmental surface sampling is made simple and more efficient with this ready-to-use, pre-moistened Vegas sterile sample bags. Each sponge is hydrated with 10 ml of a neutralizing buffer that will neutralize several surface sanitizers, including quaternary ammonium compounds, phenolics, iodine preps, chlorine preps, mercurials, formaldehyde, and glutaraldehyde.

These cellulose-based dry sponges are free of bactericides and have been tested to be non-inhibitory. They are sterilized inside a sterile Whirl-Pak bag and measure about 1 1/2 x 3 x 5/8" thick when wet.

To use, add a small amount of your preferred diluent, wipe the test surface, and return it to the 18-oz sample bag for shipping to the lab. A large write-on area makes it easy to identify and label the sample.

Nasco Speci-Sponge Environmental Surface Sampling Bags are designed to swab work areas, equipment, and animal carcasses for microorganisms, including food pathogens. They are non-inhibitory and free of bactericides, and they come in an 18-oz (532) Whirl-Pak(r) bag with a writing area. 

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