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Ziplock sample bags

Small items work well packaged and stored in these transparent poly ziplock sample bags. The items can be kept dry and clean because the zippers are simple to open and close.

These bags are made of low density polyethylene and are 2 mil thick (LDPE). Many different items, including food, can be shipped or stored in them.

TWIRLu2019EM(r) Sterile Sampling Bags

These product sample bags, which have secure closure tabs and are made to be used in a variety of applications, are perfect for shipping and storing any kind of sample material. They adhere to industry standards set by the USDA, ACIA, and FDA.

These sterile sampling bags are perfect for collecting environmental surface samples from places like workplaces, machinery, animal carcasses, and other places where Listeria, Salmonella, E. coli, coliforms, and other foodborne pathogens need to be tested. Additionally, they are employed in the food industry, quality assurance (QA), and pharmaceutical and biomedical research.

To reduce the number of bags that are exposed at once, they are sold in double-pouched packs of 25. Additionally, they are Pyrogen, R-NASE, and D-NASE free. Transporting solid or liquid substances is made easy with TWIRL'EM(r) sterile sampling bags, which are all made of polyethylene that complies with FDA regulations.

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